Young Persons Art Showcase!

The young people that we work with are often talented and artistic.  Many are skilled at Art, Poetry and Music, not to mention fashion, design, graphic art, photography, cooking and horticulture.
Often these young people have found inspiration in their troubled past, using their struggles in a creative way, helping them to cope with issues and through sharing their work they heal and develop these talents further.

We will be proudly posting examples of some of their thought provoking and inspiring work on this blog. If you know of anyone whose work should be featured please let us know!
We start with a wonderful piece of poetry by a young person who has moved on from a project to have a fulfilling and successful life.

Elope’ed thoughts that scope new heights

Elope’ed! Thoughts that scope new heights
Like archer’s arrow with quiver’ed sights
Mashed and merged inside thine mind
“Decayed and buried” oh thou art kind!

Thine seeds thou’st cast with hateful ease
To wilt and wonder within the breeze
Of troubles and miseries on stages’ a’ brew
With trinkets of mischief “we’ll throw at you”

To seek none other but tutor’s gaze
Thy light t’will guide us before this maze
So drowns thine goddess of treacheries pure
Thine lies you’d fed so many – “a cure!”

Our lives, our pages unread by most
And now our voice resounds in boast!
Of place of refuge – a home of hope
Where shattered vessels repair with rope

Gems of friendship – and jewels of joy

Till day of battle – we shall deploy

Servants to all that seek to find
The touch and taste of hands so kind.


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