YWCA #ItsTimeToTalkCLE – Diversity and Racism Solutions!

Thanks for sharing and inspiring… Great to see YWCA thriving in the USA. (Tragic the UK YWCA lost their way). As ever the best ideas are often quite simple and straight forward – and yes they can disrupt or IMPROVE the status quo. I guess brave women and men from all cultures are needed more than ever to push back against the worst policies coming out of Trump Towers?

Charity Ideas

Today I went to a YWCA event, #ItsTimeToTalkCLE, about diversity and racism. It was fascinating in our small groups to hear about personal experiences with prejudice, and it was truly enlightening.

YWCA Cleveland's #ItsTimeToTalkCLE at TriC 2017 The Reverend Joan Campbell and Jane Campbell with host Danielle Wiggins of WKYC, 2017 YWCA

One of my favorite things was the World Café, where we tackled racism in Cleveland and how to solve it, in one hour. What amazed me, was that this group of hundreds of people came together with hundreds of ideas, distilled into a few key areas and solutions for ways to solve the problems, in one hour through working together.

It reminded me of a few overarching things I have seen working with countless nonprofits over a couple decades:

  • Status Quo means… we should probably change that.  To me, the definition of Status Quo is, n. Latin: “We should probably change that.” The…

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