Emotional resilience

The news about universities dealing with student suicides is truly heartbreaking.

Client / patient / student / employee / volunteer confidentiality and privacy are always VERY important BUT surely the duty of care for SAFEGUARDING always trumps data protection legislation… yes even post GDPR.

If someone is vulnerable they deserve support… that’s a legitimate interest in anyone’s book.

Do come to our YMCA event in Tonbridge on Thursday 12 July at 6 for 6.30pm to find out more about how we make a difference in emotional resilience in West Kent – for example:

** talk2us our counselling service for ages 8 to 30+ talk2us@WestKentYMCA.org.uk

** Choosing emotional wellbeing – a programme our V4C youthwork@WestKentYMCA.org.uk team runs in schools for a whole class to think, discuss, plan and CHOOSE emotional wellbeing | ENGAGE | EQUIP | EMPOWER

** RECYCLE | rebuilding bikes | rebuilding lives – a programme that gives people a chance to build and own their own bike bikes@WestKentYMCA.org.uk

Find out more / get your invite

www.WestKentYMCA.org.uk/celebrate or email friends@WestKentYMCA.org.uk



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